Bringing the beauty
of natural stone to life

Born 400 million years ago and orchestrated by nature, each of our stones has a story to tell.


SolidNature is dedicated to the next chapter of their story, carefully lifting them from the ground, uncovering their beauty, and personally installing them at their destination.


Founded in 2011, we are a global supplier of exquisite natural stone for luxury developments, high-profile government projects and private residential properties.


Our core ambition is to inspire clients to explore the endless possibilities of natural stone. We are driven by the most difficult projects, passionate about making the impossible possible. From creating a swimming pool from the most fragile onyx, to installing vast ceilings of travertine, we embrace the ideas that should never work, and bring them to life.


We are a trusted partner, from discovery to destination. With direct access to over 150 quarries, including 8 of our own, we control every step of the supply chain, guaranteeing operational excellence all the way from the quarry to installation.


ISO-certified, every step of our process meets the highest standards of quality. And our unique option to dry-lay the stones ensures our clients get exactly the same pattern in the end result as they envisaged from the beginning.


Our drive to achieve the best possible results, whatever it takes, resonates with our clients and stimulates their creativity.

Sharing the personal stories
of our collections


My story began in northeast Brazil, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Bay of All Saints. I was raised beside the river São Francisco; watched over by the Chapada Diamantina mountain chain.


I’m told my name comes from sodium, which courses through my veins. I grew up inside rocks. My crystals formed in their seams. For this reason, I am rarely found as large stones that can be sliced into slabs, although I’m told some intrepid explorers have done so.


For millennia mankind has sought out my royal blue colour for use in precious jewels and ornaments. Ancient inhabitants of Peru and Bolivia traded with me. During the Art Nouveau era I was carved into flowing curves to reflect nature’s forms.


I am known for my ability to bring inner peace. Some say that a healing energy vibrates from within me; others claim that I promote harmony. But what I find most fascinating is when people say I enhance communication. Perhaps this is because I am a conversation starter wherever people encounter me.


You’ve read my story. The next chapter is up to you.


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Metis Amare
Green onyx

I was born 400 million years ago in the Kerman province of the Persian Empire. My father is Mount Hazaran. My mother, the Halil River.


Bands of chalcedony gave me colours in layers. Water and minerals were an important part of my youth. My intense greens I inherited from copper. Iron made my veins deep brown-red. Every inch of me represents 10,000 years of my formative years deep within the Earth.


Humans have sought me out across the ages. I was adored by the ancient Greeks and Romans; lauded by the Egyptians. I have stood proud as plinths in Art Deco Brazil, and I was chosen by the great Mies van der Rohe to make a statement about modernism.


Throughout time, people have been captivated by my silky lustre and bright, translucent quality. I have the power to bring strength to the mind, or so I am told. This I find remarkable, because I know for a fact that I am incredibly fragile. They sometimes slice me into thin layers, for a light shone behind me reveals my layers and depth.


Now it’s your turn: I invite you to transform me into my most beautiful form yet. I invite you to continue my story.


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Forest marble

I am a child of India. Created below the shifting sand dunes of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, I was found nestled in the limestone hills of this area.


Forever changing, I am known as a metamorphic stone, arising from the transformation of my parent rock over time. Minerals course through my veins. Colours resonate from within: brown-red iron oxides, green magnesium and shimmering micas, which give me my golden tone.


Perhaps it’s my vibrations; perhaps it’s the movement that the colours create within me. Whatever it is, I’m told that I can make people feel like they’re looking up through a canopy of trees.


Since classical times, man has used my ancestors to construct his monuments and sculptures. The Taj Mahal was built from white marble mined in a province near my birthplace. But while many who came before me were soft and easy to carve, I’m told that it’s my strength that makes me unique.


Perhaps it’s my upbringing – my ability to endure great change – that gives me such strength. Perhaps that’s why people say I bring calmness and serenity to the home and the heart.


I know you see my potential, shouting out to shine. I hope I’ve inspired you to help me live on.



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AbasabatWhite travertine

I take my name from my father, the Abasabat mountain range in Persia’s Mahallat province. My mother is the warm water spring that flows through the land, known for her nurturing properties since ancient times.


In my infancy I was limestone, which sprang up from my mother’s waters and lay down in the ground, gradually forming my pure white layers.


My birthplace was once a lush rainforest, rich in plants and animals. They too became part of my creation as they fell into the warm spring and gave rise to the bubbles that can be seen as fine pores throughout my many layers.


Although porous, I’ve heard it said that I’m incredibly strong. And across the ages, mankind has used my strength to build some of his most important monuments, from the Roman Colosseum to the Parisian splendour of the Sacré-Cœur.


I’m also told that after all these years, I still take after my mother in my ability to enhance healing and centre the mind. Of course, like a piece of art, people will always interpret me how they wish.


I’ve waited many years to bring my qualities to life. Show me how you interpret me – make of me what you will.


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Inspiring world-class
design projects

Qatar National Library

Stone by SolidNature. Architecture by OMA.

An oasis of inspiration, the Qatar National Library combines world-class facilities and pioneering design, with some very special natural stone.


The building represents one of the most prestigious modern developments in the Middle East. To help bring it to life, we collaborated with Rem Koolhaas and his leading architecture firm, OMA.


Supplying the highest grade of travertine from our quarry in Iran for flooring, wall cladding and ceilings, we also supervised the entire installation process. A key feature of the project involved fine travertine tiles glued to a ‘honeycomb’ backing to create a remarkable signature style bespoke to the library.


The public access library symbolically connects Qatar’s past and future. It holds one million books within a single space, alongside 300 public computers, providing access to over 60 online databases and websites. Crucially, it also serves the community as a relaxed, social gathering space.


The sleek, geometric block also connects history with modernity by way of its key building material. Our unique travertine dates back hundreds of millions of years, but its strange beauty and enduring strength makes it a natural choice for contemporary projects that will be enjoyed well into the future.


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Summum, The Private Jet Lounge, Schiphol Airport

Stone by SolidNature, Interior design by FG stijl.

Summum is the Dutch word for ‘summit’. What better way to describe the experience that awaits you inside The Private Jet Lounge at Schiphol airport?


We worked with Dutch interior design firm FG stijl to bring their vision of the lounge to life, supplying and installing semi-precious stones and onyx to create a sense of ease and wellbeing for travellers.


Known for their ability to centre the mind and bring inner peace, these ancient stones feature throughout the lounge, which combines style and functionality at the highest level of luxury.


Entrance to the lounge takes you through a corridor dominated by a backlit honey-coloured onyx wall, which is reflected by floor-to-ceiling mirrors on the opposite wall. Rich colours and patterns resonate throughout the space.


The reception desk is crafted from mother-of-pearl with a polished steel top. The bar is a single slab of Metis Amare green onyx, featuring brightly-coloured layers formed by minerals such as copper and iron, orchestrated by nature over hundreds of millions of years.


Indeed, the colour palette of the entire lounge is inspired by nature, with complementary and contrasting touches of warm ochre, burnt orange, emerald green and bronze, silver and copper. The effect is one of timeless glamour, where comfort is key.


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Park Hyatt Vienna

Stone by SolidNature.
Interior design by FG stijl.

Step inside a hotel that celebrates one of the most opulent periods that Europe has ever seen.


The hotel inhabits a former bank building on Vienna’s Am Hof square, and interior designers FG stijl were dedicated to combining the masculinity and grandeur of its financial heritage with the exuberant style and elegance of Vienna in 1913.


The designers invited us to work with them, recognising that our stones would reflect the stature of the property and Vienna’s enduring affinity with quality. As a result, each of the 143 spacious guestrooms features a unique natural stone, each telling a beautiful story.


On entering the restaurant, you are greeted at a bespoke aperitif bar featuring silver-leaf and mother-of-pearl with a blue onyx countertop. The colours and patterns of the materials seem to vibrate with energy for the night ahead.


The impressive cigar lounge and bar features a mirrored staircase with unique book-matched onyx. One of the real jewels is an ornate metal screen complete with semi-precious stones, inspired by a 100-year-old piece of jewellery designed by Josef Hoffmann.


From the lobby to the spa to the ballroom, every detail shines. And the use of natural stones creates the mesmerising effect of old-world opulence with a modern twist.


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Private Residential Project

Stone by SolidNature. Vision by private client.

Built on trust and a collaborative spirit, a private residence in The Netherlands showcases how SolidNature stones and our unique end-to-end offering can be used to stunning effect.


After personally sourcing the stone, we worked as a creative partner direct with our client, without input from an architect. Our hands-on approach from quarry, to consultation, to installation ensured that every part of the process was as beautiful as the stones themselves.


Onyx has also been used throughout the interior, perfectly book-matched on bathroom walls to create uninterrupted patterns, and joined seamlessly together to form a showpiece dining table.


Floors are laid with polished white thassos marble that reflects light upwards to create a sense of space and ease of movement throughout the interior.


End-to-end, the project is a prime example of how SolidNature has partnered directly with one of our customers to explore the endless possibilities of natural stone in a residential environment.


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Collaborating with
visionary designers

SolidNature × OMA × Knoll
at Salone del Mobile

Knoll’s 2016 Salone del Mobile pavilion designed by OMA is a hyper modern take on Mies van der Rohe in which natural stone takes center stage.


SolidNature has been invited to be the partner to bring this creation to life.


As OMA’s expert collaborator in realizing complex architectural projects with natural stone, SolidNature helped transform the design concept into realization by pushing the boundaries, realizing an unconventional degree of elegance, hight and lightness using the world’s most exclusive marbles and SolidNature’s signature travertine.



SolidNature + OMA
Maison & Objet Paris

We are delighted to collaborate with Rem Koolhaas and his world-renowned architecture firm, OMA, and Inside Outside, for the second year at Maison & Objet Paris.


In 2016 we take our place at the fair’s Scènes D’Intérieur, which represents a stamp of creative excellence for our brand. We feel this honour recognises SolidNature as more than a supplier of exquisite natural stone, but as a company that inspires and supports leading interior designers.


OMA’s concept for Paris showcases a selection of onyx, travertine, marble and semi-precious stones from our 600-strong collection, fanning out from circular rooms. At the heart of the exhibit, our team shares the latest samples and installation ideas for nature’s best-kept secret.


Our love for stones drives everything we do. From the moment of discovery, we see the life that resonates from within, and the potential they hold. Our ambition is to bring stone to life for others, to let them see and feel it the way we do, and to inspire them to use it in new ways.


Our relationship with OMA began in 2012 when Rem Koolhaas invited us to collaborate on the Qatar National Library project. We supplied a special type of travertine from one of our own quarries to help bring Rem’s vision to life. Known for its strength and unique texture, it was the natural choice for one of the Middle East’s most prestigious modern projects.


When commenting on our collaboration, Rem says: “We are impressed by the completeness of SolidNature’s services, and by the beauty – or exciting strangeness – of their materials. Often before we have a specific place of application for them, we are inspired to consider using natural stone in new ways.”



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Inviting you to share
your vision

We’d like to help you bring your vision for natural stone to life – even if it has never been done before.

We are challenged by the unknown, and passionate to explore the endless possibilities of our exceptional product. We look forward to hearing from you.



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